SETI wants money to find devils

144708827244244The SETI group is bitter that they are not being funded by the government so they can find devils in outer space and bring them to earth to save humanity from God. Christ is the only one who can save humanity from the just wrath of God caused by its rebellion against Him, by Jesus’ death to provide an alien righteousness from God for those who trust what He provides, and do not claim to be good enough by their own efforts and good deeds.

Carbon-14 in dinosaur bones

Dinosaurs-Carbon-Dating-C14-Dinosaurs-Age-of-Earth-Coal-DiamondsThis is a summary of the presentation to the American Geophysical Union on C-14 in dinosaur bones. C-14 is said to degrade into non-radioactive carbon in 85,000 years or so, implying that the dinosaur bones are lower in age. The presentation was not included in the proceedings, or the video record. “pmC” is percent modern carbon.


1) 10 different dinosaur bones from upper Jurassic to upper Cretaceous have shown measurable C14 signals.
2) Similar pmC (9.8% to 6.5%) for different fossils, bone materials, bone regions and stratigraphic positions.
3) When examples are taken from the same bone region:
a. Concordant pmC for hematite and collagen
b. Concordant pmC for hematite and total organics
c. Concordant pmC for organics and extracted humic acid
d. Concordant pmC for collagen and total organics
e. Concordant pmC for small sample size and large sample size
4) Apatites from all samples have concordant pmC between -3 and -10 with one exception
5) Collagen, organics and charred bone exterior from all samples have concordant pmC between -17 and -28
6) Megafauna have similar pmC as dinosaur, plant fossils have less pmC

Conclusions and suggestion for further work

~C-14 in dinosaur bones detected which is likely endogenous.
~Results confirm recently reported observation of soft tissue, blood cells, and sequenceable proteins in dinosaur bones and writeable ink in a fossil squid.
~Concordant pmC of dinosaurs and megafauna found.
~Results can be explained by rapid horizontal strata formation as observed in laboratory experiments with moving water.
~Further analysis of more dinosaur bones is recommended to confirm the finding of proteins and C-14. Samples from museums and field collections would be suitable.

The blue underlined text at the first is a link to the presentation. It is hard to understand and harder to read. It appears to have been made by a person in the audience on a smartphone, and that is the only reason we have it. The AGU did not want their name associated with something that might bring the pseudoscientific evolutionary dogma into question, we can be sure.

Offerings to the forest god Bigfoot

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 11.25.51 AM

It has been traditional in natural worship to give offerings to the pagan gods of a locality to keep them from bothering you. The following is the kind of thing that may happen if you don’t. It probably used to be much worse, before the devils were bound at the Resurrection of Christ. I suspect that you can also loose them by playing with them, and rejecting the application of the authority of Christ over them for you.
Something was screaming outside of the cabin…the door was flexing as this thing was pounding on the outside of the door…in the morning…outside the cabin door, there’s tracks. Big tracks.”

1 Corinthians 10:20 — But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.

God Tech

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// As sci-fi superstar Arthur C. Clarke put it, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” We’d regard representatives from a Type 5 civilization as angels and their leader as God… //

Or, to put it the other way, if we worship science as final authority, we would regard God and His angels as merely advanced technology, and that they have no moral demands that they can make on us. But, again, on what basis could we be free from those demands? Appeal to a higher principle? What principle? From where would it come? Only from our less-developed mind. Either way, we are morally subject to the highest beings.
That does not mean that there are no more-developed beings less than the highest that can trick us into accepting them as the highest. Even men can do that.

History is full of examples of men who claim to be God, and trick some into accepting them.

The Heaven’s Gate UFO suicide cult is another example. They listened to beings who told them that they had evolved into God, and that they could teach others how to do it.
“…their belief (was) that Applewhite was the Second Coming of Jesus Christ incarnate, and Nettles was the Heavenly Father.”

The Mormons also think that man can achieve the status of God by his own efforts, and does not need the righteousness of Christ imputed to him by God through the gift of faith alone.


What Michio Kaku really says about God

When our intellectual leaders think like this, we are set up by God for a deception by devils pretending to be aliens from a benevolent civilization.  MIchio Kaku says he attended a Presbyterian church as a child, but his parents were Buddhists. He has never quite figured out how the two positions can interact.

What he really says is that the mind of God is the music of strings vibrating in eleven dimensions of hyperspace. This is the god of Buddhism, which makes no moral demands and has no personal connection with man.  Atheists have no problem with that god. Its existence is irrelevant.


Physicist Michio Kaku proves the existence of a superior intelligence in control of the universe


The report on a science website explained that to come to this conclusion, he made use of what is called as the “primitive semi-radius tachyons,” which are theoretical particles that are capable of unsticking the matter of the universe from the vaccum space between particles. They then leave everything free from the influence of the universe that surrounds them.

While working on this theory, Kaku discovered what he says is the evidence that the universe was created by an intelligence rather than by random forces. To put it simply, he said that we live in a Matrix-style universe, as revealed in the Bible:

Isaiah 46:9 — Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me,  Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

Dr. Nick Bostrom at Harvard has also come to a similiar conclusion, although he attributes it to the work of a computer simulation built by some alien ET intelligence.

Atheists claim that this is not “proof,” but what they mean is that it is not proof based on the assumptions that they make, which exlude the possiblity of a guiding intelligence by definition. One has to have an objective basis for final proof, and that cannot exist in science. God has to reveal Himself, in the Bible.

Others say that this is the conclusion of others, resulting from their misinterpretation of what Michio Kaku says, and he does not make the conclusion.

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