Reemerging gods

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 1.30.38 PM.pngMany people report seeing a “dogman.” This is more evidence that the evil things that demanded human attention, which the ancient people called “gods,” are being perceived again in the modern world, now that Christianity is no longer generally accepted.

“Dogman” is the nastier manifestation of the Bigfoot phenomenon. Whereas Bigfoot is sometimes a friendly being that helps people, and with whom they can cultivate a personal relationship, dogman is not. If one does not properly propitiate the pagan gods, more fearsome entitites are released to deal with you.

Sounds like a reappearance of whatever it was that the Egyptians experienced as the god Anubis.


Fossilized lichens?


My lab assistant/dog discovered this small rock, about the diameter of a silver dollar, seemingly thinking it was chocolate candy. It has a white mineral structure on top of it resembling lichen, but I can’t be sure. It seems that lichen is not well preserved in the fossil record.

Lichenrock close

A closeup view of the structure of the material. A biologist thought it might be tube worm fossils.


My lab assistant who found the whatever-it-is fossil.


A personal relationship with Bigfoot


In a recent Youtube video which has now been removed, a psychologist understands that Bigfoot is not just an undiscovered primate. However, he falls for the idea of having a “relationship” with Bigfoot, and opens himself up to what the ancient pagans interacted with as their “gods.”  This book is another instance of that phenomenon. The materialistic view of Dr. Jeff Meldrum and the so-called “scientific” Bigfooters of looking for nothing but an animal that can be described by science may not yield satisfactory results, but it IS safer. It avoids opening yourself to possession by devils.


Pokemon sirens

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.37.49 PMThis news article about two men falling off a cliff playing Pokemon Go is evidence that the modern world is returning to paganism. The “Pokemon” are playing the role of the ancient “sirens,” spiritual beings who lure men to their deaths. Now that Chrisitianity is being abandoned, the devils are gaining more power over men. This does not require any mysterious action of magic; all that is required is for people to focus on the virtual beings instead of paying attention to dangers in their vicinity.

Pokemon Go is a worldly temptation that can be deadly for the inattentive. It has only been out for a week or so and the Pokemon are already luring people to their deaths.

The men did not die, but that is not the fault of the Pokemon. That is the mercy of God not allowing the Pokemon to kill them–this time at least.

It doesn’t matter that the Pokemon are not “real.” They are something that can lure men to their deaths, as this episode proves. Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, as Arthur C. Clarke used to say.

// By the fourth century, when pagan beliefs were overtaken by Christianity, belief in literal sirens was discouraged. Although Jerome, who produced the Latin Vulgate version of the Scriptures, used the word “sirens” to translate Hebrew tannīm (jackals) in Isaiah 13:22, and also to translate a word for “owls” in Jeremiah 50:39, this was explained by Ambrose to be a mere symbol or allegory for worldly temptations, and not an endorsement of the Greek myth. // –Wikipedia