Jupiter’s north pole–from NASA

img_4327NASA says that the north pole of Jupiter is unique, due to its storms and cloud formations.



Bill Nye, the champion of ignorance


Bill Nye is the ENEMY of science. He wants people to accept atheism as if it were science, and is promoting ignorant religious dogma.

However, there is another trap here. Here is an example–
“Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ and Big Think have produced an emotional video challenging parents to restrict their children’s education by censoring important scientific information. Creation Ministries International is dedicated to providing the data that they don’t want you to hear. Think Bigger. Examine both sides of the origins debate then make a decision.”

Now, what is wrong with that? It is not science either. CMI is arguing for a different paradigm by which the data is to be interpreted. The approach of CMI is pretty much what Bill Nye is doing, but it has the scientific advantage of pointing out that the scientific data does not lead to the inevitable conclusion of evolution. CMI is arguing that the Bible should be used as the paradigm, not Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.” This is not a question that can be settled by science. Pretending that it is leads people in a never-ending quest for that final scientific disproof of evolution so they can finally believe the Bible is true, based on scientific proof.

The error here is that science is being made final authority by both groups. There is no entity called “Science” that can give final answers about reality. Making such an entity and giving it final authority is devil worship, as sure as that of Jack Parsons and JPL, even though not as openly.

Satanism as science


Has science been covertly taken over by Satan worship, as hinted at by the strange ceremony at CERN? There is nothing about their investigation of the ceremony in the current bulletin. It seems they think their denial of a power struggle with the Satanists to take over the LHC is all that is needed to get the public to forget the issue, and maybe they are right. I would say that even in the best case, Satanism is in charge.  What is commonly thought of as a scientific explanation is nothing but an excuse for atheism, as for example where Darwinism is used as a scientific explanation of why humans exist without the necessity of being created by God. Satanism is more than just the open devil worship of scientists like Jack Parsons of JPL. That may be included, since there is no way to know what scientists do in secret. But science is often mistaken for a god in competition with the God revealed in the Bible, which is what is intended by the Satan of the Bible. He wants man to use something other than the word of God as the basis of knowledge.
Genesis 3:4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.


Bigfoot clowns

imageI personally wonder if these clown sightings are another manifestation of the Bigfoot-dogman phenomenon. No clown was found; there was just something human-like that appeared. There was also the earlier ghost bird flap in Brinkley that was such a humiliation to Cornell University.

The demons could have been released on us in earnest, now that the Supreme Court has outlawed Christianity and established sodomophilia as the protected state religion by forcing acceptance of the sodomite ritual defiling of the image of God in man as if it were marriage.

Reports: Weapon-wielding clown spotted in Ark. town


(Via THV11)
A clown in Portland, Oregon, takes advantage of the fear of clowns.

Alien photo


“On October 17, 1973, police chief Jeff Greenhaw of Falkville, Alabama had an interesting day at work after a woman called in a UFO sighting. When Greenhaw heard the news, he immediately grabbed his camera and headed toward the supposed spaceship.

“He never found the space craft, but he did run into a strange looking man who appeared to be wrapped in aluminum foil with an antenna sticking out of his head. After the startled police chief snapped a few Polaroids, the tin man took off running across an open field. Greenhaw tried to follow in his car, but the creature was too fast.

“For years, Greenhaw was mocked because of his story even though he had some fuzzy photos to prove it and was eventually fired by the town council. Judging from the picture, would you believe this crazy tale?”

Read More: Strange Alabama- Falkville UFO | http://953thebear.com/strange-alabama-falkville-ufo/?trackback=tsmclip

The error of correcting the Bible

common-versionMany preachers, like Jimmy Swaggart here, second-guess the Bible by referring to the Hebrew and Greek in a way that only shows their ignorance, to those who understand the difficulties of Greek and Hebrew.


The “original Hebrew and Greek texts” strike again against the KJV– Once you accept the Bible as only infallible in the original autographs, which do not exist, it can say anything.
“Doesn’t The Bible Teach That Sex Belongs Only In Monogamous Marriage? Take out your Bible and show us where! Traditional Christian teaching wants you to believe this. But if you search the scriptures and understand the original Hebrew/Greek texts, the history of biblical interpretation and the influence of non-Christian thought on Christian tradition, you will discover you have been sold a lie all these years.” –Liberated Christians