Mars simulation

These are simulations of BEING on Mars, not the far more cramped and dangerous process of getting there. They still go wrong. Less than complete perfection in space means death. It is like getting to heaven. Only God can make you acceptable to be with Him. One cannot do all that is required.

Why do they not simulate the process of GOING to Mars? That has to happen first. I can only conclude that it is because NASA and the private companies involved are not serious about going to Mars in the first place, and are only using the idea to get people to support them and give them money.


Fast Radio Bursts

Here is breaking news on Fast Radio Bursts detected in deep space. Many devil worshippers hope they are from what they want the public to accept as “alien civilizations.”

“Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are one of the most puzzling astrophysical discoveries in recent years. They are powerful but brief pulses of radio waves that seem to originate from galaxies billions of light-years away. Scientists don’t yet know what causes them, but they are finding more clues as they continue to investigate them. One oddity has been that of the more than 60 FRBs found so far, only one has ever been seen to repeat from the same source – until now.”

“The repeating FRB is one of 13 observed by CHIME over a period of three weeks during the summer of 2018. Additional FRBs were then found in the weeks following.”

“Whatever the cause of FRBs is, it is something not seen before. Theories have ranged from exotic phenomena involving neutron stars or black holes to even – yes – aliens.”

NASA Planetary Protection

C19ABA4B-9152-41F4-8128-DEF149BD37BDI can imagine how this could become a big bureaucracy with thousands of employees. Careers in astrobiology!!

NASA keeps the public thinking about alien life in space, and yet denies that they are expecting to defend from intelligent aliens, just space microbes.

Judging the earth by atheism

Sungenis does not have it quite right, but he has a good point. Our current apostasy can be traced back to the general acceptance of the Copernican Principle as a philosophical system. Rather than retain the philosophical viewpoint of the Bible, that the earth is the reference point for reality, church people began to judge the earth from an arbitrary and imaginary point in space. The King James Bible was no longer the standard of truth, and it was replaced by pseudoscience.

The Physical is not final

Flat earth falls short on many accounts, but the one I want to address here is its mistaking the physical as final reality. This is an error that it shares with more popular concepts, such as heliocentrism (earth going around the sun) and even geocentrism. If one accepts a physical reality as final, he cuts himself off from being able to see that his model is wrong. Models proposed based on physical observation do not establish final reality.

Hebrews 11:3 (KJV)
Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

NASA embraces devil worship

Now NASA astrobiologists seem to be asserting that life is multidimensional and can pop in and our of our dimension like Bigfoot is claimed to do by some researchers. NASA astrobiology logically will unite with the Gaia religion.

The purpose of what has come to be known as “science” (the presupposition of ultimate materialism) is to avoid learning that there is an infinite intelligence in charge of the universe. The Gaia religion has a kind of spirit driving it, so it can claim to have a consciousness in the universe, but we are all one with the consciousness, and it has no authority over us.

This sets up the need for NASA to find ways to communicate with this consciousness, which of course will be what the Bible recognizes as “devils.” Channelling has been the traditional method, but it is often thought of as nonsense. It will be interesting to see how they develop the communication.