IMG_5607Walking his dog at midnight in Raynham, Mass, William Russo encountered a four-foot tall creature under a streetlight in the distance beckoning him and saying “ere ewanchu!” He took this to mean, “here, we want you.” He left quickly. He reports that this happened about 30 years ago and he wants to make it known before he dies.
–The Bridgewater Triangle

No belief needed

Dr. James White thinks belief is not necessary to reconstruct the “oldest and best texts,” and reconstructing the autographs is like solving a math problem. An unbeliever can do it as well as a believer, and maybe better.  Seems it would be better to believe in a definite Bible that needs no reconstruction.
“In spite of the claims of Westcott and Hort and of van Soden, we do not know the original form of the gospels, and it is quite likely that we never shall” (Kirsopp Lake, Family 13, The Ferrar Group, Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 1941, p. vii).

“…it is generally recognized that the original text of the Bible cannot be recovered” (R.M. Grant. “The Bible of Theophilus of Antioch,” Journal of Biblical Literature, vol. 66, 1947, p. 173).

“…the optimism of the earlier editors has given way to that skepticisim which inclines towards regarding ‘the original text’ as an unattainable mirage” (G. Zuntz, The Text of the Epistles, 1953, p. 9).

“…every textual critic knows that this similarity of text indicates, rather, that we have made little progress in textual theory since Westcott-Hort; that we simply do not know how to make a definitive determination as to what the best text is; that we do not have a clear picture of the transmission and alternation of the text in the first few centuries; and accordingly, that the Westcott-Hort kind of text has maintained its dominant position largely by default” (Eldon J. Epp, “The Twentieth Century Interlude in New Testament Textual Criticism,” Journal of Biblical Literature, Vol. 43, 1974, pp. 390-391).

What is the Bible?

Do we have a Bible that one can buy and trust, or do all printed Bibles have to be corrected by what unbelieving scholars like Bart Ehrman thinks are the “oldest and  best” manuscripts, that is, those asserted to be so by scholars like himself?  James White says that Bible scholarship is an exact science like surgery, and one does not need to believe in Jesus to determine the “oldest and best” reading.

I think that the problem with the original autographs only position is that it removes the object of faith to only theoretical status. It may not matter all that much which translation one trusts as final authority, but he has to have faith that God has spoken, and that requires a definite text. God honors faith, and if one has to reconstruct the text every time he finds a variant reading in different translations, there is no object of faith. There is no faith for God to honor. The Bible becomes a ghost with no actual connection to the material world.

Digging dinosaur footprints

The Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas will uncover fresh dinosaur and maybe human prints over the July 4th holiday. You can have a chance to see human prints with dinosaur prints before the magicdirters can destroy them. Any human prints, of course, regardless of their perfect state, will be ignored by the scientific establishment, since they are fully invested in the idea that dirt did magic and turned itself into people millions of years later than it turned itself into dinosaurs.

Vacuum catastrophe– breakdown in physics

“The Standard Model (of particle physics) is inconsistent with that of general relativity, to the point that one or both theories break down under certain conditions…”
From Wikipedia– https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physics_beyond_the_Standard_Model

The vacuum catastrophe is sometimes cited as the biggest disagreement between theory and experiment ever.

They disagree by a factor of at least 10107.

According to quantum field theory the energy of empty space can’t quite be zero.  In fact, QFT gives us an exact value for how much energy empty space should have.  Although we can never access that energy, it does have a gravitational effect.

One of the (many) things the Voyager probes did was allow us to estimate how strong those gravitational effects are.  Unfortunately, they determined that the theoretical predictions are way, way, way off (too high).

There’s a short paper here aimed at the undergraduate physics crowd that covers this better than I do. //



Life itself is alien!

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-5-41-48-pmLife itself is “alien” to the understanding of humans. It appears to be dependent on something that cannot be distinguished from the “supernatural.”

From New Scientist magazine–
// Plasma blobs hint at new form of life
By David Cohen

Physicists have created blobs of gaseous plasma that can grow, replicate and communicate – fulfilling most of the traditional requirements for biological cells….

…Sanduloviciu even thinks they could have been the first cells on Earth, arising within electric storms. “The emergence of such spheres seems likely to be a prerequisite for biochemical evolution,” he says.

…although the spheres require high temperature to form, they can survive at lower temperatures. “That would be the sort of environment in which normal biochemical interactions occur.”

But perhaps the most intriguing implications of Sanduloviciu’s work are for life on other planets. “The cell-like spheres we describe could be at the origin of other forms of life we have not yet considered,” he says. Which means our search for extraterrestrial life may need a drastic re-think. There could be life out there, but not as we know it. //

FROM: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn4174-plasma-blobs-hint-at-new-form-of-life/

Zero point energy

It seems to be time to start looking into “zero-point energy” for a while, and see if there is any way to resolve whether it is a promising source of assistance in dressing and keeping the earth.

“…one consequence of the zero-point field is an attractive force between two uncharged, perfectly conducting parallel plates, the so-called “Casimir effect.”