Why no UFO disclosure?

Luis Elizondo, formerly the leader of the government program AATIP, now with the UFO group “To the Stars,” says he was told by high-level military at the Pentagon that UFOs are demonic forces, and they should not be investigated because they are smarter than humans and deceptive, and can only lead us astray, maybe into a trap. All that was necessary was to determine if they pose some threat we can overcome. He dismissed that because he assumed they were just religious people who wanted to cover up the fact that there are extraterrestrial aliens visiting earth.


I will here propose an explanation as to how there are real entities associated with UFOs, that can be captured and killed, why they abduct and experiment on people, why the government hides them, and why people who see them are visited by what appear to be government agents that warn them to keep quiet. This explanation will of course be dismissed, but I can only offer it, not make anyone consider it worthwhile.

First, we need to look at the Bible. The Bible is said to be the word of God, and as such, it is information from final reality. It is more dependable than what we can see and experiment on, which is called “science.” This is not a popular view, but it is necessary to understand the UFO phenomenon.

We see that there are entities called “sons of God” or “angels” that can appear to people, and interact with them. (1, 2, 3) We also see that the God of Israel would appear as a UFO to those who saw the Israelites camping in the desert. (4, 5, 6)

These entities are not subject to observation and experiment, except on their own terms. We find God only partially revealing Himself to Moses (7), who was said to be most faithful.(8) How much less God would reveal Himself to those who did not believe.

Not all of these entities are submitted to God, however. Some have rebelled against Him, and have tried to recruit men to believe in their standards rather than those of God. (9, 10, 11, 12)

These entities that are not submitted to God are the beings that are seen in UFO abductions and other apparently extraterrestrial incidents. They may be able to be material, but not limited to it, like angels. They may appear to die, and later come back to life, or maybe they can really die, and can even leave remains somehow. They do not have to do things in a way that we understand.

Governments have to avoid allowing these beings access to their citizens. That accounts for the secrecy and intimidation of witnesses. If people came to believe in them, many would be seduced into following them as if they were gods. As a matter of fact, they were no doubt what the ancient people experienced as their gods. Their intent is to draw humanity away from rational thought into worship of the beings by use of deceitfully masquerading as an extraterrestrial presence, promoting hallucinogens, and other irrational means. (13, 14)

Idolatry in Science

What the science community tells us can easily be mistaken for the final word on a subject, but that is not how science works. Science must always be tentative, open to revision by more data or better paradigms. Otherwise it just becomes another religion.

“Christians should not support any Christian group or church that does not adhere to Sola Scriptura as the source of all knowledge.”

“Despite the admission of both physicists and philosophers that science is not cognitive, the abandonment of Scriptural inerrancy by theologians, combined with the acceleration in technological advancement throughout the twentieth century, has vaulted science to be the highest authority, not only among theologians, but in the general populace as well.”

—- Two essays on the subject have recently been published by the Trinity Foundation: Idolatry of Science Part 1
Idolatry of Science Part 2

Astrobiologists are everywhere

Now there is an astrobiologist Barbie doll. “The Astrobiologist Barbie wears jeans, safety glasses, white coat and holds a Erlenmeyer flask. The hair and eye colours of the doll  are very similar to professor Zita Martins.”

Any idiot can claim to be an astrobiologist, and as long as he sticks to the party line of abundant intelligent biological ET life in the universe–for which there is no direct evidence whatever–people will listen to him in awe.

SETI should smoke DMT?

“DMT is one of the most potent entheogens known to man, and the trip it induces is significantly different than other psychoactive substances. Users describe being transported to a distant realm where they meet seemingly autonomous entities, and often those same entities appear to different people. Now, researchers are attempting to catalog these experiences to figure out just what, or who, those DMT entities are.”
gaia dot com

Of course, these entities are the same ones that SETI is looking for, in the Biblical worldview. The ones they will eventually find, if they ever find any, will also be these ones that appear to people who smoke DMT.

Space makes astronauts weak

Nick Devereux explains how NASA is not letting the public know how weak the astronauts get in space. They have to be cared for and rehabilitated after their return. I conclude that this means that, if NASA did let it be known, the public would realize that the “going to Mars soon” hype is just a hoax to raise money.

NASA must know they would be sending the astronauts to certain death. They would not be able to perform the strenuous activities that would be needed for survival after landing on Mars. An expensive and difficult artificial gravity would be needed, it seems, if even that would work. Science fiction shows just ignore the problem and assume that spacemen have gravity.

“Spending a year in space takes such a toll on the human body that astronauts literally have to learn how to walk again once they’re back on Earth. At least, that’s what seems to have happened to Scott Kelly — the American astronaut who spent 340 days on the International Space Station (ISS) between 2015 and 2016…In an exclusive video (not available–here is a short substitute–Ed) given to The Verge by PBS, Kelly is seen trying to walk on a straight line right after landing in the steppes of Kazakhstan. He slowly gets up and stumbles. Putting one foot in front of the other looks like a gargantuan task, as if his legs are made of jelly. Six hours after landing, his steps are a bit quicker, but still uncertain. And after 22 hours, he’s much more stable, but still wobbly. It’s as if Kelly is a one-year-old just learning how to walk.”  –The Verge

Continuing from The Verge article

// That’s because zero gravity messes with our sense of orientation. On Earth, we know where is up and where is down. In space, not so much. Sensors inside our ears, which are part of the vestibular system that controls balance, are thrown off — often causing astronauts to feel dizzy or queasy the first few days in space. Once they get back to Earth, it takes a while for their bodies to readjust. Hence, the walking problems.

And it’s not just the messed-up balance system, either. The first time I interviewed Kelly — two months after he’d come back from his year in space — he told me his feet still hurt. Two months after being thrust back into Earth’s gravity. This is just one way long periods in space affect the human body. And that’s exactly why Kelly spent a year on the ISS to begin in: by understanding how zero gravity changes us, the next generation of astronauts will be better prepared for deep-space travel. //

SETI looks for ET

The Amazing Kreskin” gets hundreds of people out in the desert and tries to get them to believe they are seeing UFOs with ETs aboard.  It succeeds with some. SETI does not learn a lesson from this, and continues to waste money looking for ET. METI even actively tries to message them. They think they are doing science, and that will protect them from the foolishness inherent in the search for ET. It is foolish to look, because all that you can find is entities that want to pretend to be your gods, and enslave you, as they did to mankind in the historical past. God reveals Himself in the Bible. If freedom in Christ is not good enough for those looking for ET, then they are falling for a trick.

Seriously, if the scientific community cannot accept a complex, encoded molecule like DNA as a communication from a higher intelligence, should any radio signal be accepted? It seems that the scientists would be able to debunk any signal as a naturally produced phenomenon. The scientists even think they themselves arose by a natural process of evolution. They have debunked pulsars and fast radio bursts, which were once thought to be from ETs.

How would they be able to not debunk a signal from space, if they can debunk DNA as a natural occurrence? Could they ever agree that they got an intelligent signal? I really don’t think so.