Reverence for Anubis

In this youtube video, an entity makes eye contact with a woman, which she compares to the Egyptian dog god Anubis, for which she is overwhelmed with reverence. These modern entities called Bigfoot and Dogman are consistent with what the ancients experienced as their gods.


Devils in space

Steve Quayle is falling for the concept of space and time travel, which seems to be an implanted memory that is being placed into certain selected, highly intelligent people by something. Here he interviews another official who claims to have been to Mars on a space elevator. Remember Captain Randy Cramer. These people may even have been somewhere, but it certainly is compatible with an elaborate deception by things smarter than humans.

Face on Mars

Some people take the face on Mars seriously as evidence of intervention by space aliens, who constructed it and other interesting anomalies. This is a face that appeared on Google Earth in my family cemetery, which is evidence to me that the face on Mars is created by humans, the same way that humans see Bigfoot, and even see him very clearly, and can talk to him, but can never actually present him to the scientists. There is an intelligence that creates things, but it is not ETs. It seems that there are unknown nonhuman entities acting in the universe, but they need not be physical ETs.

Bigfoot as god


The Bigfoot-Dogman-UFO phenomenon could be seen as a projection of human fear and guilt onto the natural world. That may be a large part of what people are seeing, but I don’t think we can rule out the idea that something is actually there. It is not likely to be an undiscovered hominid, however. I expect it is best thought of as the same thing the ancient people experienced as “gods,” whatever that was.

The atheist cannot accept the concept of objective guilt, as far as I can tell. There can be no objective morality, and morality is only whatever the society chooses to enforce, which may change as fashions change. Yet many atheists believe in Bigfoot, in the sense of an undiscovered hominid, or primitive man-ape. This makes the god controllable, and makes him less than man.

This accounts for the popularity of Bigfoot as a subject of ridicule or nothing but an undiscovered species of ape. It is a way of ignoring one’s fear and guilt for not measuring up to objective standards of morality. It is a way of dismissing the gods, or God Himself, and His infinite demands on man for absolute perfection. It is an attempt at ignoring the issue, and dismissing the need for the righteousness of Christ to make one acceptable to Truth Itself, so that one can be in the presence of God in heaven.

White Bigfoot


The video linked below is a study of a photo of a white entity that is interpreted as a Bigfoot, although that is not the only possible interpretation, if you grant that the universe may not be limited to conventional explanations of reality. The idea that these sightings are caused by an undiscovered species of hominid does not work logically.

Bigfoot chases a cult member


A former victim of a religious cult recalls a close encounter with the Bigfoot phenomenon, when the entity chased him and his capture seemed imminent when it looked in his eyes from above. Not just shadows in the distance here.

Hmm…the video was removed, but is back now.  I find it very interesting that he was a child when it happened, and that there was an authoritarian religious cult associated with it. He later escaped the religious cult like he escaped the scary Bigfoot.