Asgardia, first space nation, declared

A group of rich people is not willing to wait for life in space to be discovered; they have declared their own nation in space. Sounds like one of those offshore countries where nobody actually lives, just an ultimate tax haven.


Reverence for Anubis

In this youtube video, an entity makes eye contact with a woman, which she compares to the Egyptian dog god Anubis, for which she is overwhelmed with reverence. These modern entities called Bigfoot and Dogman are consistent with what the ancients experienced as their gods.

Wandering spirits

Looks like this guy somehow was able to see an unclean spirit walking the earth seeking someone it could use for its purposes, but the guy did not qualify somehow, so it sighed and walked on.

//…My son and I was bow hunting… I began to search the woods to see if someone was in the area when this large black figure appeared walking down the other side of this hollower I had set up to watch. At first I thought this was a man. But as it kept walking I noticed how massive it was, and all of a sudden it stopped and took two steps backwards and turned and looked straight at me.

It was then I realized that this is not a man but a Big Foot. As this creature looked at me, I could clearly see its eyes and nose. I could see flesh around its eyes and cheeks and also see hair covering its face as well. It stood there looking at me for I guess a good fifteen or twenty seconds, then turned and walked on down the ridge and disappeared into the woods… This creature was at least seven and a half or eight foot tall.//
–BFRO 56614

Matthew 12:43 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.

(The photo is a night vision image from BFRO of a different sighting, 55249, the latest posting on their website.)

Devils in space

Steve Quayle is falling for the concept of space and time travel, which seems to be an implanted memory that is being placed into certain selected, highly intelligent people by something. Here he interviews another official who claims to have been to Mars on a space elevator. Remember Captain Randy Cramer. These people may even have been somewhere, but it certainly is compatible with an elaborate deception by things smarter than humans.

Face on Mars

Some people take the face on Mars seriously as evidence of intervention by space aliens, who constructed it and other interesting anomalies. This is a face that appeared on Google Earth in my family cemetery, which is evidence to me that the face on Mars is created by humans, the same way that humans see Bigfoot, and even see him very clearly, and can talk to him, but can never actually present him to the scientists. There is an intelligence that creates things, but it is not ETs. It seems that there are unknown nonhuman entities acting in the universe, but they need not be physical ETs.

Original Autographs Onlyism

Many people are upset at those who use the King James Bible and consider it the only reliable final authority. The Roman Catholics, for example, deride such people as heretics, along with all who say the Bible alone is final authority, and their detractors call them “King James Onlyists.” But almost all evangelical seminaries promote another kind of narrow “onlyism,” and allow no disagreement with their position. This is expressed by  as “Only the original autographs (original manuscripts written by the apostles, prophets, etc.) are under the divine promise of inspiration and inerrancy.”

“Original autographs onlyism” is consistent with atheism. There is nothing about it that an atheist would find disagreeable. It asserts that the words of God are only theoretical, and no longer exist in any form that could be considered final authority. It is only a matter of opinion what they might have been, or that they ever existed at all. The OAO god could be the god of Star Trek, just an advanced alien, which even atheists and Mormons find acceptable, if it could be said to exist at all. It is not an omnipotent, omniscient final authority that is able to keep its word pure.