Humans with dinosaurs

The Taylor trail area of dinosaur and human footprints, as shown on the website of Dinosaur Valley State Park.

The Taylor trail of human footprints with dinosaurs is usually under water and is filled in with silt. No attempt is made to preserve it, and nothing in the state park leads to it or marks where it is. It is only preserved by exhibits in the local Creation Evidence Museum, and this overlay which conveys the impression that all prints are dinosaurian.

This is an analysis of 14 prints in the trail, which I think refers to the trail starting at the lower right and going to the left upward at about 20 degrees from horizontal. It was done by Dr. Don Patton, whose degree is in education with undergraduate work in geology.

One of the prints, -3B, is preserved as a copy in an exhibit in the creation museum. This is the one that was said to have been destroyed by pro-evolution zealots, so there would not be evidence to support doubt of the atheistic religion that says that dirt did magic and turned itself into people over millions of years. We see that humans often stepped in dinosaur prints rather than in the deep mud, and multiple dinosaurs often stepped in one track for the same reason.
Taylor -3b

There is no way for these prints to exist if one presupposes that man evolved from an apelike ancestor, which did not arise until long after the dinosaurs died out. They simply cannot exist, so they are ignored or explained away rather than looking at the evidence and reevaluating the dogma.  The dogma of evolution as the final answer about the origin of humans disproves any and all evidence that shows that it is false, rather than the evidence disproving the dogma.

We see this logical fallacy, called “affirming the consequent,” often in the scientific establishment. It is why bloodletting was used as a common treatment for disease as late as the eighteenth century. Bloodletting persisted into the 20th century and was recommended by Sir William Osler in the 1923 edition of his textbook The Principles and Practice of Medicine.

If the Reformation is true, the Copernican Principle is a hoax


Today is the day of the year that Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the door of the Church in Wittenburg, Germany. October 31, 1517 was the date.  It is called “Reformation Day.”

The Reformation principle of “Sola Scriptura,” or the Bible alone, is contradicted by the Copernican Principle, or the idea that earth is not central in the universe. A logically necessary corollary of the Copernican Principle is the “Principle of Mediocrity,” which is stated as “there is nothing special about the earth.” This is a philosophical contradiction of the Bible. The word “earth” is found in the King James Bible 987 times, in 907 verses. The earth is the focus of the Bible, not some arbitrary point in space.  Unthinking acceptance of the Copernican Principle is so common in the modern world that nobody analyzes what it means. Any Reformed church member who suggests that the Copernican Principle is wrong is considered ignorant. Yet somehow, his church’s position is that the Reformation principle of Sola Scriptura is true, and the Reformation is not considered ignorant.

How can both be true? There are at least two ways of considering it. First, we note that science does not give us truth. That comes from Sola Scriptura. What science finds is not to be treated as final reality, but only a tentative model that can be used to help us dress and keep the earth, until we find a better model. The problem with the Copernican Principle is that people have been tricked into accepting it as final reality. The heliocentric model seems to work fairly well, and it is taught as absolute dogma in the public schools, just like evolution. That does not mean that there is not a better model that could be found if heliocentrism were not required dogma. Second, and most common, is the acceptance of both as true somehow, and ignoring the contradictions.
The strange phenomenon of the resurgence of the Flat Earth model is instructive. Some churchmen are saying that since the Bible treats the earth as flat, then it must really be flat. This, strangely, makes the same error as the Copernican Principle. It considers that science can give us final knowledge about reality. The Flat Earthers do not insist on the Bible as their source of truth, but insist that science proves the Flat Earth model. They do not make an argument from the Bible, because there is simply no way to make the argument from there. They are asserting a physical reality, and have no philosophical argument to offer. Unlike the philosophical centrality of the earth in the Bible, there is no philosophical flatness of the earth necessary in the Bible.
But the earth going around the sun could be wrong? Again, even that has to be considered tentative. It is hard to imagine, but there may be a more real understanding where the sun really does go around the earth, and the earth is at the center of the universe. Reality does not have to answer to man. The only test is if a model works better than another to help man dress and keep the earth. It cannot tell us the Bible is wrong.

Arkansas Dinosaur Tracks

P1050927A concrete block lying undocumented by any words in the Nashville, Arkansas city park contains two badly eroded sauropod dinosaur tracks found in 1983 in a quarry north of town on the land of the Certainteed corporation. A fiberglass cast of the trackway is said to be in storage at the park.

More tracks, this time of the more exciting three-toed dinosaurs, were uncovered in 2011, and were investigated by the University of Arkansas, but no information about them seems to be available to the public. This is a photo of the site from 2011, which seems to have been destroyed later by mining operations.