Idolatry in Science

What the science community tells us can easily be mistaken for the final word on a subject, but that is not how science works. Science must always be tentative, open to revision by more data or better paradigms. Otherwise it just becomes another religion.

“Christians should not support any Christian group or church that does not adhere to Sola Scriptura as the source of all knowledge.”

“Despite the admission of both physicists and philosophers that science is not cognitive, the abandonment of Scriptural inerrancy by theologians, combined with the acceleration in technological advancement throughout the twentieth century, has vaulted science to be the highest authority, not only among theologians, but in the general populace as well.”

—- Two essays on the subject have recently been published by the Trinity Foundation: Idolatry of Science Part 1
Idolatry of Science Part 2

Author: Astrobiology Associates

Senior data analyst at Astrobiology Associates

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