SETI looks for ET

The Amazing Kreskin” gets hundreds of people out in the desert and tries to get them to believe they are seeing UFOs with ETs aboard.  It succeeds with some. SETI does not learn a lesson from this, and continues to waste money looking for ET. METI even actively tries to message them. They think they are doing science, and that will protect them from the foolishness inherent in the search for ET. It is foolish to look, because all that you can find is entities that want to pretend to be your gods, and enslave you, as they did to mankind in the historical past. God reveals Himself in the Bible. If freedom in Christ is not good enough for those looking for ET, then they are falling for a trick.

Seriously, if the scientific community cannot accept a complex, encoded molecule like DNA as a communication from a higher intelligence, should any radio signal be accepted? It seems that the scientists would be able to debunk any signal as a naturally produced phenomenon. The scientists even think they themselves arose by a natural process of evolution. They have debunked pulsars and fast radio bursts, which were once thought to be from ETs.

How would they be able to not debunk a signal from space, if they can debunk DNA as a natural occurrence? Could they ever agree that they got an intelligent signal? I really don’t think so.

Author: Astrobiology Associates

Senior data analyst at Astrobiology Associates

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