Reformed Geocentrism

John Calvin and Martin Luther were geocentrists. I don’t really see how one could believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God, and still assert that the earth is not at least philosophically central in the universe. But there is no logic police that requires what people do makes sense.

”This paper does not focus in any detail on the arguments for a geocentric universe with the Earth immobile, a view rejected by secular astronomers. Sadly, even though there are approximately seventy verses of Scripture that defend a fixed Earth and a moving Sun, heliocentrism is accepted by most Christian astronomers and creation parachurch organizations. CMI Ministries strongly defends helio-centrism, as demonstrated by Jonathan Sarfati and Robert Carter. Besides the error of asserting science is a source of truth, the typical excuse for ignoring the many Scriptural verses is that geocentrism is only phenomenological language, or possibly poetry. However, one Christian astronomer, Geradus Bouw, defends geocentrism on the basis of Scripture, and a geocentric mathematical model can be constructed which is as equally valid as the heliocentric model.”

Author: Astrobiology Associates

Senior data analyst at Astrobiology Associates

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