Alien Invasion Week

The Science Channel continues its own Alien Invasion series to get the jump on the History Channel’s Alien Invasion week starting September 30. The writers are expecting that there will be an arrival, or maybe a return, of something similar to what the ancient people experienced as their gods, namely, that which the Bible calls “devils.”

Reformed Geocentrism

John Calvin and Martin Luther were geocentrists. I don’t really see how one could believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God, and still assert that the earth is not at least philosophically central in the universe. But there is no logic police that requires what people do makes sense.

”This paper does not focus in any detail on the arguments for a geocentric universe with the Earth immobile, a view rejected by secular astronomers. Sadly, even though there are approximately seventy verses of Scripture that defend a fixed Earth and a moving Sun, heliocentrism is accepted by most Christian astronomers and creation parachurch organizations. CMI Ministries strongly defends helio-centrism, as demonstrated by Jonathan Sarfati and Robert Carter. Besides the error of asserting science is a source of truth, the typical excuse for ignoring the many Scriptural verses is that geocentrism is only phenomenological language, or possibly poetry. However, one Christian astronomer, Geradus Bouw, defends geocentrism on the basis of Scripture, and a geocentric mathematical model can be constructed which is as equally valid as the heliocentric model.”

Star Jelly on the Moon

“Star Jelly” seems to have been found on the moon. It is not found to be biological when it falls on earth, and that makes sense when it appears on the moon.

“Scientists commissioned by the National Geographic Society have carried out tests on samples found in the United States, but have failed to find any DNA in the material.”

Quotation above from Reid, Melanie (18 September 2009). “Nature 1, Science 0 as finest minds fail to explain star jelly”. Times Online. London. Retrieved 19 September 2009. Alternative theories for the origins of “star jelly”, a strange mucous substance found on the Scottish hills in the autumn abound. Could it be the remnants of a meteor shower, regurgitated frogspawn, fungus – or, less romantically, the gel from disposable nappies? Is it evidence of extraterrestrial life, or perhaps the fallout from top-secret attempts by scientists to manipulate the weather? …”

Planetary Socialist Religion

Concerning the book “Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth,” the lecture Adam Frank gave on Youtube is promoting the new atheistic religion now rising on earth, which I would call “planetary socialism.”

It has an eschatology of contact with “exocivilizations” (alien ETs) who will instruct us in how to make heaven on earth. He does not claim to be actually contacting aliens, but he says he is using computer simulations to figure out what a study of them might tell us about how to cause some part of humanity to evolve to a higher state of interaction with the planet, and supress those that refuse to improve.

I think some political leaders in the 20th Century tried this using different names.

I recommend these books by the Mises Institute on Socialism.…/Socialism%20An%20Economic%20and%20Socio…