SPRITE SEASON IS UNDERWAY: High above Earth, a strange and beautiful form of lightning dances at the edge of space. Researchers call the bolts “sprites”; they are red, fleeting, and tend to come in bunches. Note to sky watchers: Sprite season is underway. On April 17th, Paul Smith photographed these specimens over Anadarko, Oklahoma…
–spaceweather dot com

Bigfoot and Black Holes

A photo of what is claimed to be the first photo of a black hole was released yesterday from NASA. Believers in Bigfoot can take pictures of what they claim to be Bigfoot, just like believers in black holes can take pictures of what they claim to be black holes. They may very well not actually be photos of the intended entity.


This is claimed to be a photo of Bigfoot, but the photographer only discovered it later when he inspected his photos. Nothing was seen at the time.