The north magnetic pole is moving  at a more rapid rate, and some think that this may be precursor of a disastrous reversal of the north and south magnetic poles. That has not happened since the Flood several thousand years ago, and it seems doubtful that God will pour out that kind of disaster on us again. Note that the article about pole reversal is dependent on evolutionary theory for its dating, so we can be sure the dating is wrong.

Science or God?

We recently had the birthdays of two men who sold the paradigm that human perception (“science”), not the Biblical God, is that which defines reality. They were Charles Darwin, on February 12, and Galileo Galilei, on February 15. Vincent Cheung puts them in perspective for us.

Science is People

Science commands so much respect in our society that most Christians seem to think that even God must answer to it in order for him to retain any credibility. When they preach to Buddhists, they do not argue that the Christian faith is just a stronger form of Buddhism. When they confront the cults, they never attempt to portray Christ as the chief cult leader, or the supreme Satanist. Yet when they address those who trust in science, they are driven by a degrading eagerness to offer the Christian faith as more scientific than the alternatives. Without argument, Christians accept that science discovers truth and exposes error, and so the gospel itself must pass its test in order to secure a place in this world.

This is very strange, because Scripture tells us that the spiritual man judges all things, but he himself is judged by no one, and certainly not by the natural man. I am waiting for the scientists to plead with me, and to convince me that their conclusions are Christian! Science is not God. Science is not truth. It is not a thing in itself. It is not some eternal standard of truth by which all things are judged. What is it? Science is people. People guess, choose, make mistakes, scheme for funding, revise their theories, invent explanations, and spiral into utter absurdity. But Jesus Christ is God and Truth. He is rationality incarnate, and he answers to no one. Science must answer to him.

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