Astrobiology means no Bible?

Some want to find ET, in the hope that it will help them believe that there is no God in the Biblical sense, no judgment, no hell, and maybe even no life after death.

But people believe lots of things, because they first decide they want them to be true, and then interpret everything they see as if what they believe is true. Science helps us get past this, but only if we use it properly. It cannot give us final information, only tentative answers that are subject to revision or they become dogma, and just another religion. Atheism has been so strongly confused with science that few people can separate them.  People can come to believe really stupid things, and be unable to see how silly it is because they first assume that the stupid thing must be true before they collect the data and analyze it.

Unfortunately for the atheist, the Bible accounts for life in space–it is merely the angels, the fallen angels, their minions the devils, and God. The fallen ones would be glad to present themselves as BENEVOLENT extraterrestrials from the Pleiades if that is what people would believe. The others consider it “not our business” if they reveal themselves for some reason.

Richard Dolan tells us that Kelly Johnson, the director of the Skunk Works in the seventies, did not trust the “ETs.” He said that any interaction with them would be disastrous. Interestingly, Dolan cannot see past the dogmatic atheistic cosmology of the universe, and overlooks the obvious action of the Biblical God.


Author: Astrobiology Associates

Senior data analyst at Astrobiology Associates

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