Goals of Astrobiology

The goals of astrobiology are three, according to this video by a pioneer in the field of atheist astrobiology, David Morrison. Astrobiologists seek to answer these questions:

1. How did we get here?
2. Are we alone?
3. Where are we going?
My contention is that these are not questions that can be answered by science, because they depend on the unseen. The answers that astrobiologists will get depend on the axioms they use. If the axioms are wrong, the answers will be wrong. Atheism necessarily uses wrong axioms.


Astrobiology is hot

In spite of the experience of no direct evidence of extraterrestrial life being found after looking for more than fifty years, optimism of imminent ET alien contact remains high at NASA and other scientific groups. This may result in the eager acceptance of communion with what the Bible recognizes as “devils.”

Bill Nye on Astrobiology

The astrobiology of Bill Nye is the dominant viewpoint now, looking for some kind of superior extraterrestrials in the universe with which we can have fellowship. These  beings have the characteristics of what the ancients recognized as their gods. His worldview requires rejecting the perspective of the Bible, which presents the earth alone as the proper focus of man, and accepting an arbitrary point in space as the perspective from which to see the earth.

Devil worship takes us into space

A TV documentary on Jack Parsons, who created Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It is odd that it took an open devil worshipper to provide the motivation to get a rocket into space.

This atheist thinks that science requires assuming there was no Creator, and that life is understandable by man. She is not going by the evidence, that life only comes from previous life. Science is a religion for her. This is in the best tradition of the devil worshipper Jack Parsons, founder of JPL, and his motivation to be his own god, overcoming all obstacles to get a rocket into space.


The human mind is not capable of directly grasping reality, so, in science, we have to create myths that help us get close to reality in a way that we can make things that work. Those myths always break down at some level, but some try to push them to the level that they use them to express ultimate reality, and “discover the secrets of the universe.” That makes science into a foolish religion, and makes what it finds into dogma that cannot be questioned. The most obvious example of such a myth is the idea that dirt did magic and turned itself into people over millions of years. There are many others.