Another Peruvian UFO

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 10.05.04 AM

Another possible UFO shows up as a red mark this time, on Zoom Earth on March 19 near Palpa, Peru, like the last one I found on Google Earth, and the one presented on the “What on Earth” program on the Science Channel.  Both of those were green. The area of the mark is circled in red.

Location is 14 degrees, 32 minutes, 35.37 seconds south; 75 degrees, 7 minutes, 47.95 seconds west. The red spot is still there on March 26, but that is probably because it is still the same satellite photo, and has not been updated. Looks the same. ZE says “new satellite images every day,” but that may not be true everywhere.

Science Channel UFO

A satellite captures a photo of what appears to be a green plasma ball flying near the Nazca geoglyphs in Peru. From an episode of “What on Earth” on the Science Channel.

I looked on Google Earth to see if I could find any green plasma UFOs flying over the Nazca area. I found one, surprisingly. It is about two miles directly south of the village of Palpa. The imagery date is given as 4-5-2017.

Nazca Palpa ufo

This is a closer view. The Image is not sharp on Google Earth. The green blob is about fifty feet from the road on the left.

Nazca green ufo

A wider view showing the area around the blob.

Nazca ufo wide