King James Bible superbowl party

A Superbowl-style party centered around the King James Bible rather than the Superbowl. Remembering the Anabaptist theologian Balthazar Hubmaier, burned at the stake on this day in 1528. We will view the movie “A Lamp in the Dark.”


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2 thoughts on “King James Bible superbowl party”

  1. Summary of Hubmaier’s life—
    1. Hubmaier was born in Bavaria, probably 1480 or 1481. Of his family we know absolutely nothing.
    2. He graduated from the University of Freiburg, May 1, 1503, under the influence of John Eck.
    3. On his arrival at Regensburg as a Catholic preacher he railed against the Jews. He no doubt shared the prejudices of his time against the Jews, and even believed that persecution of them was a mark of a good Christian. (The Jews were driven out in 1519)
    4. From Regensburg, Hübmaier went to Waldshut, (1520). …about the end of the year 1522 he had come to see that the Catholic Church had departed, in doctrine and practice, from the teachings of the apostles; and he had also, in consequence of his study of the New Testament, come to a clear understanding of the gospel, and sought his personal salvation from Christ himself, and not from the Church and its sacraments.
    5. He met with the Swiss reformer Zwingli, 1523. Zwingli said the Anabaptists were in too much of a hurry to change church policy, but he generally supported them.
    6. Hubmaier writes: …I am called a disturber of the people, a stirrer-up of strife, a Lutheran, a heretic, and so forth, and the pious, honourable city of Waldshut because of my teaching is slandered high and low, which truly pains my heart.
    7. By this time (1525) Hübmaier had become thoroughly convinced, not only that the baptism of infants is contrary to Scripture, but that he ought to combat the practice.
    8. Waldshut is told it will be invaded. The only terms of peace offered by the Emperor were that the city should return to the old faith, and surrender their pastor (Hubmaier) and eight of the leading citizens to the tender mercies of Austria. 
    9. Hubmaier escapes to Zurich, thinking Zwingli will protect him, but he is arrested and imprisoned. (1526)
    10. While in prison, Hubmaier challenged Zwingli to a debate on the subject of baptism, and declared that he would confute the Zürich preacher out of his own writings (where Zwingli had opposed infant baptism). Both declared they had won. But Hubmaier stayed in prison.
    11. A considerable number of other Anabaptists were also arrested and all were imprisoned together in the Water-tower, where they were ordered by the Zurich city council to be confined in a water tower and kept on bread and water until they recanted or died.
    12. Hubmaier recants his opposition to infant baptism and is released.
    13. Hubmaier does not oppose infant baptism any longer, but does not believe it either. He moves to Nikolsburg in Moravia where he is encouraged, but Hans Hut and Jacob Wildeman flourished in Moravia, and they opposed the use of the sword by the State and advocated the State enforcement of common property, and thus were political communists. Hubmaier preached against them, but the State and the Reformers saw all Anabaptists as if they were like Hut and Wildeman.
    14. Hubmaier curses the God of Calvin and Luther, and affirms the Roman Catholic God who gives man free will to be in charge of his own destiny, and gives man the ability to believe but allows him to choose not to.  “It would be an unfaithful God who should publicly offer grace to man, and should clothe him in new raiment, yet in secret take it away from him and prepare hell for him. Cursed be he who maintains that God has commanded us impossible things.”
    15. In 1528, the political tide turned. Hübmaier and his wife were taken to Vienna and confined until they were moved to Greifenstein…once Austria got her claws on him the charge of heresy was also raised and pressed. Lack of opposition to infant baptism was not enough. “…the aforesaid Doctor Balthasar confesses that he does not at all believe in the sacrament of the altar nor in infant baptism. Therefore, Doctor Balthasar, on account of this crime and condemned heresy is condemned to the fire.”
    16. the end, as to Cranmer and Savonarola, strength was given him to meet his doom with a constancy and calm fortitude that moved the admiration of all beholders. He was burned at Vienna on the 10th of March, 1528.

    While his clothes were being removed: “From thee also, O Lord, were the clothes stripped. My clothes will I gladly leave here, only preserve my spirit and my soul, I beseech thee.” Then he added in Latin: “O Lord, into thy hands I commit my spirit,” and spoke no more in Latin.
    As they rubbed sulphur and gunpowder into his beard, which he wore rather long, he said, “Oh salt me well, salt me well.” And raising his head, he called out: “O dear brothers, pray God that he will forgive me my guilt in this my death. I will die in the Christian faith.”
    When the wood was kindled and he saw the fire, he said with a loud voice: “O my Heavenly Father, O my gracious God!” As his hair and beard burned he cried out, “O Jesus, Jesus!”
    And then, overwhelmed with smoke, he breathed out his soul. The one who relates his death, no friendly and sympathetic observer, adds that he felt more joy than pain in thus witnessing his faith with his life. Three days later his devoted wife, with a great stone tied to her neck, constant to the very last in testifying to her faith, was thrown into the waters of the Danube.


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