Giordano Bruno, ET Contactee

There is a strong gnostic occultist strain in what is called “science” in the modern world, where those initiated into scientific investigation claim to be able to discover the mysteries of the universe. Yet science must always be subject to revision, or it becomes a dogmatic occult religion. The only question science can answer is “does it work?” More than that is getting into metaphysics. We see it in the assertion of wild speculation as fact in NASA artistic renderings like this. This kind of thing used to be confined to comic books not long ago.

This carries on the tradition of Giordano Bruno, who was a Hermetic occultist. He is often mistaken for a scientist because the Catholic Church burned him at the stake supposedly for his opposition to geocentrism, but he seems to have been another contactee chosen by “alien ET beings” to spread their message. 

“When he was an infant in Nola, a huge serpent of very ancient appearance came out of an aperture in the wall of the house. Serpents in the cradle are a sign of a heroic destiny, as we know from the history of Hercules. There is little doubt that Bruno thought of himself as a Messiah, an illusion not uncommon in the Renaissance.”

Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition

Rotating earth is atheist philosophy

Some might ask, “why canʼt we know, from astronomy, that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth?”: because we cannot know anything from astronomy. We can hold it as useful opinion that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth, but we cannot know that.

Gordon Clark, in a discussion of archaeology, noted: “To test any Scriptural historical account by means of any theory of archaeology is to test that which cannot be false by means of that which cannot be true. It is the height of absurdity… Scientifically, we do not know if the Bible is true, and we never will. That, of course, does not derogate from the truth or authority of Scripture, for two reasons: Scripture is self-authenticating; and science cannot prove anything true.” –Gordon Clark,Archaeology and the Bible, see also The Biblical View of Science

We have bought into trusting atheism to tell us what the Bible means. We have been snookered into considering materialism final reality, if we accept the idea that the earth rotates as actual reality, and we are philosophically abandoning the Bible. This is a brilliant trick by forces that want people not to believe the Bible, and believe what their senses tell them. Even better, they want people to believe atheistic scientists like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and think they are able to express final reality to them. But even atheists, when you catch them being honest, admit they don’t know what reality is.

In the photo, A and B are the same color. They appear to be different because of a trick of perception. We see B as in shadow, and compensate mentally for it.

ETs in the Dead Sea Scrolls

This “preacher” tells us that the Dead Sea Scrolls have not been released to the public because they reveal that humans have been visited by extraterrestrial beings, which is the actual identity of what the Bible calls Jesus and the angels. For him, the King James Bible hides the truth, and is far from complete. His error is due to believing the Copernican myth that one can use a perspective other than that of the earth as the central focus of reality.