What is the Bible?

Do we have a Bible that one can buy and trust, or do all printed Bibles have to be corrected by what unbelieving scholars like Bart Ehrman thinks are the “oldest and  best” manuscripts, that is, those asserted to be so by scholars like himself?  James White says that Bible scholarship is an exact science like surgery, and one does not need to believe in Jesus to determine the “oldest and best” reading.

I think that the problem with the original autographs only position is that it removes the object of faith to only theoretical status. It may not matter all that much which translation one trusts as final authority, but he has to have faith that God has spoken, and that requires a definite text. God honors faith, and if one has to reconstruct the text every time he finds a variant reading in different translations, there is no object of faith. There is no faith for God to honor. The Bible becomes a ghost with no actual connection to the material world.


Author: Astrobiology Associates

Senior data analyst at Astrobiology Associates

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