Magic Dirt religion of the Holy Cosmos

Cosmism in Russia is just one of the early manifestations of the irrational atheist religious dogma that dirt did magic and turned itself into humans, when atheistic stupidity first took over a nation. Now it has pretty much taken over the world.

// This idea of seeing space exploration as a religion has a long history, dating back to the Russians of the early twentieth century, many of whom self-identified as “Cosmists.” From there it migrated to German rocket scientists like Werner von Braun, who took his ideas about space travel to America after the Second World War. Americans were slow to warm to space exploration. They saw it as a fantasy, but that changed as Americans began to regard technology with a new reverence in the postwar period. Today Americans are the most fervent Cosmists on the planet, even if manned space exploration seems to have stalled for the time being. // –Atlantic


Author: Astrobiology Associates

Senior data analyst at Astrobiology Associates

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