Original Autographs Onlyism

Many people are upset at those who use the King James Bible and consider it the only reliable final authority. The Roman Catholics, for example, deride such people as heretics, along with all who say the Bible alone is final authority, and their detractors call them “King James Onlyists.” But almost all evangelical seminaries promote another kind of narrow “onlyism,” and allow no disagreement with their position. This is expressed by gotquestions.org  as “Only the original autographs (original manuscripts written by the apostles, prophets, etc.) are under the divine promise of inspiration and inerrancy.”

“Original autographs onlyism” is consistent with atheism. There is nothing about it that an atheist would find disagreeable. It asserts that the words of God are only theoretical, and no longer exist in any form that could be considered final authority. It is only a matter of opinion what they might have been, or that they ever existed at all. The OAO god could be the god of Star Trek, just an advanced alien, which even atheists and Mormons find acceptable, if it could be said to exist at all. It is not an omnipotent, omniscient final authority that is able to keep its word pure.


Author: Astrobiology Associates

Senior data analyst at Astrobiology Associates

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