Mojave alien abduction

From 1989. Some unfeeling bigots might describe this experience as “two drunk Mormons camping in the desert get tormented by devils.” I note that calling on the Mormon Jesus doesn’t help. Angels of light are dispatched to calm them down and tell them that they will survive the ordeal. The “extraterrestrials” who interact with them are consistent with Mormon theology, and do not submit to the Mormon God, who has power only on earth. The good part starts just before the middle of the recording.

Atomic particle condensation trails

I created a cloud chamber using a 500ml beaker and dry ice on March 29, 2017. There are condensation trails visible in the supersaturated 2-propanol cloud in the beam of the bright flashlight.  The source of particles is the Americium-241 insert from a smoke detector.


Dinosaurs need less gravity

T.rex model close

I have to admit I had never thought of the problem that is posed with animals as large as dinosaurs and the current gravity that we experience. Mathematical exploration of musculature seems to indicate that gravity had to be less to allow dinosaurs to be the size that we see in the fossil record.

Face on Mars

Some people take the face on Mars seriously as evidence of intervention by space aliens, who constructed it and other interesting anomalies. This is a face that appeared on Google Earth in my family cemetery, which is evidence to me that the face on Mars is created by humans, the same way that humans see Bigfoot, and even see him very clearly, and can talk to him, but can never actually present him to the scientists. There is an intelligence that creates things, but it is not ETs. It seems that there are unknown nonhuman entities acting in the universe, but they need not be physical ETs.

Original Autographs Onlyism

Many people are upset at those who use the King James Bible and consider it the only reliable final authority. The Roman Catholics, for example, deride such people as heretics, along with all who say the Bible alone is final authority, and their detractors call them “King James Onlyists.” But almost all evangelical seminaries promote another kind of narrow “onlyism,” and allow no disagreement with their position. This is expressed by  as “Only the original autographs (original manuscripts written by the apostles, prophets, etc.) are under the divine promise of inspiration and inerrancy.”

“Original autographs onlyism” is consistent with atheism. There is nothing about it that an atheist would find disagreeable. It asserts that the words of God are only theoretical, and no longer exist in any form that could be considered final authority. It is only a matter of opinion what they might have been, or that they ever existed at all. The OAO god could be the god of Star Trek, just an advanced alien, which even atheists and Mormons find acceptable, if it could be said to exist at all. It is not an omnipotent, omniscient final authority that is able to keep its word pure.

Solar Eclipse–August 21

A solar flare on March 18, 2017 captured on NASA's jhelioview app.
A solar flare on March 18, 2017 captured on NASA’s jhelioviewer app.

Solar totality is going through Missouri on August 21, 2017. There is of course no assurance that the eclipse will not be hidden by clouds. Astronomers will spend months getting ready for the less than three minutes of totality. It requires lots of things to go just right.