Mojave alien abduction

From 1989. Some unfeeling bigots might describe this experience as “two drunk Mormons camping in the desert get tormented by devils.” I note that calling on the Mormon Jesus doesn’t help. Angels of light are dispatched to calm them down and tell them that they will survive the ordeal. The “extraterrestrials” who interact with them are consistent with Mormon theology, and do not submit to the Mormon God, who has power only on earth. The good part starts just before the middle of the recording.

Dinosaurs need less gravity

T.rex model close

I have to admit I had never thought of the problem that is posed with animals as large as dinosaurs and the current gravity that we experience. Mathematical exploration of musculature seems to indicate that gravity had to be less to allow dinosaurs to be the size that we see in the fossil record.

Face on Mars

Some people take the face on Mars seriously as evidence of intervention by space aliens, who constructed it and other interesting anomalies. This is a face that appeared on Google Earth in my family cemetery, which is evidence to me that the face on Mars is created by humans, the same way that humans see Bigfoot, and even see him very clearly, and can talk to him, but can never actually present him to the scientists. There is an intelligence that creates things, but it is not ETs. It seems that there are unknown nonhuman entities acting in the universe, but they need not be physical ETs.

Original Autographs Onlyism

Many people are upset at those who use the King James Bible and consider it the only reliable final authority. The Roman Catholics, for example, deride such people as heretics, along with all who say the Bible alone is final authority, and their detractors call them “King James Onlyists.” But almost all evangelical seminaries promote another kind of narrow “onlyism,” and allow no disagreement with their position. This is expressed by  as “Only the original autographs (original manuscripts written by the apostles, prophets, etc.) are under the divine promise of inspiration and inerrancy.”

“Original autographs onlyism” is consistent with atheism. There is nothing about it that an atheist would find disagreeable. It asserts that the words of God are only theoretical, and no longer exist in any form that could be considered final authority. It is only a matter of opinion what they might have been, or that they ever existed at all. The OAO god could be the god of Star Trek, just an advanced alien, which even atheists and Mormons find acceptable, if it could be said to exist at all. It is not an omnipotent, omniscient final authority that is able to keep its word pure.

Solar Eclipse–August 21

A solar flare on March 18, 2017 captured on NASA's jhelioview app.
A solar flare on March 18, 2017 captured on NASA’s jhelioviewer app.

Solar totality is going through Missouri on August 21, 2017. There is of course no assurance that the eclipse will not be hidden by clouds. Astronomers will spend months getting ready for the less than three minutes of totality. It requires lots of things to go just right.

Dark matter–gravity fudge factor

Dark matter and dark energy are simply fudge factors to keep the current paradigm of gravity. Dark matter is postulated to account for the fact that gravity is not strong enough to keep galaxies together. Dark energy is postulated to account for why the universe as a whole is accelerating in its expansion.

If one considers the possibility that the universe is only six thousand years old as the Bible says, the problem is solved. What we see is just the location of the expanding stars at the moment we are observing them. Possibly nothing is holding them together. Or maybe there is an undiscovered concept not perceptible by observation.

Gravity is Magic

Atheists, who are often mistaken for scientists because of the propaganda accepted by the general public that asserts that science is necessarily the philosophy of mechanistic materialism, refuse to accept anything as science unless the mechanism behind it has a generally accepted theory of how it operates. Articles critical of evolution are  rejected for publication in scientific journals because it is asserted that the alternative, creation, is nothing but magic. Cold fusion and the microwave engine are similar examples.  But gravity is accepted as science, even though there is no theory of how it operates. Gravity is the elephant in the room that disproves the idea that creation is unscientific because there is no theory of how it could operate.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 10.15.17 AM.png
This sounds smart until you think critically about it. Things falling down is an observation, not a theory. Apes turning into man is a theory, not an observation.

GRAVITY  1-5-15

WHAT IS GRAVITY If I asks the man on the street that question he will most assuredly  answer—”It’s the attraction of one body for another”.That answer only tells me what gravity does, but what is it the nature of the conducter of the attractive force between the objects or what is the nature of the conducting force?  Giants of science have struggled over that question for centuries, but have no answer for the questionWHAT IS GRAVITY ?

This writing boldly and respectfully  presents an answer to that question. As a scientist, I concur with  all scientists who are aware of the fact that there is no scientifically based answer to the question.  As a Christian believer,  I respectfully and sincerely submit the answer as found in  the Bible,  Colossians chapter 1, verses 16 , 17  .which reads:  ”For by Him,(Jesus Christ) all things were created,  things in Heaven and things on Earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or powers, or rulers, or authorities,  all things were created by Him and for Him. He is before all things and  in Him all things hold together”.

I anticipate numerous responses to this proposal due to the fact that the proposal is not based on science, but we must be flexible and consider the long unsuccessfu history of trying to resolve the question via science, Possibly, it is not a scientific problem.  I believe that our Universe is under the control and direction of an omnicient,  omniptent,  and omnipresent Creator-God.  Thus, we must agree that He is infinitely capable and can certainly cause gravity!

Let me  present a realistic set of conditions that will demonstrate the magnitude of the questions and problems that so far defy good answers.  Picture a 747 plane flying over the reader.  Its weight is 945,000 pounds which,as stated, principally represents the planet Earth’s gravitational force of attraction  on the aircraft.(The aircraft’s weight contributes minimally to the gravitational force) The 945,000 pound attractive force is executed and sustained by the mysterious “nothing”conducter line!   Further, the reader could be walking on the ground and unknowingly walk through the “nothing” gravitational line while it was actively passing on its gravitational force, but the reader would not experience the slightest effect  of that encounter. What am I saying?  I am saying that the  gigantic attractive gravitational force of 975,000 pounds pulling the 747 toward the  center of the planet Earth is not known , nor even slightly experienced by the person!  Imagine the consternation  of people as they would walk and be repeatably be affected by gravitational lines.I can’t ponder this hazard without imagining one of several possible affects on humans. Animals, or moving anything. Probably in the early thinking for the design and operation of a global gravitational system, it was “foreknown” that the transfer or conductivity of the powerful gravitational forces would have physical effects on human and animal beings  and thus precluded the use of visible or detectable lines.    This mystery will be further explored as I meditate on the nature of gravitational as much as is known.

(A)  Because gravity is  omnipresent (everywhere present (as is God  and energy),  we can never study it aside from itself or outside of its influenc. The problem is similar to the  old philosophical problem of the fish  which “cannot comprehend the medium it is in, because it is too heavily immersed in it”. Gravity can not be studied outside of the influence of gravity.

(B)   As an aid in the study of gravity, scientists arbitrarily refer to the gravitational”lines” as the conducter or coupling between the subject centers of gravity, but there is no “real line” or any visible or detectable conducter There is nothing to indicate how the powerful  force is transferred between the bodies.   It seems a “nothingness”  conducts the gravitational force! The line is assumed to be straight” between the centers of gravity of the mass subjects. It is the point in the mass from which lines emanate and the point to which lines collect. If we consider the center of gravity as the source from which all lines emanate ,  it would argue for a quasi-infinite source for any large body. 

(C) Gravity is totally independent of subject composition or subject density.  It is only affected , or affects the material  mass.

(D) The effects of gravity on our Earth’s atmosphere imposes a pressure of 15 pound per square inch on our bodies or a total 8 tons on our body.  Man is accustomed to this pressure, but if he should venture unto the Moon without support and advice from NASA, his eyes would  pop out, his stomach would explode ,and he would feel awful!

  1. (E) The gravitational force between two physical bodies varies as the square of the distance between them. A limit of  the gravitational force’s distance between the physical bodies is not known, but is theoretically infinite! Accordingly, one can logically argue that there is a gravitational line and attraction between the reader and the planet Jupiter.  Further,  Jupiter’s mass is well known, so if the reader’s weight is “admitted”,  it is possible to determine the gravitational force between the reader and the planet Jupiter  (that value will include exponents).

       (F) Is the reader aware of the fact that our Creator has provided a set of gravitational sensors, located in the soles of our feet,  (without which Man would walk  horizontally instead of walking on the feet?)  The center of gravity for the human body  is somewhere behind the belly button. (Its position varies greatly depending on dietary habits).For a person   to remain vertical as normal,  the center of gravity must be aligned with the gravitational line connecting that of the person with the center of gravity of the planet Earth.  If a deviation occurs in this alignment, the sensors in the soles of the feet are activated to re-align.  All automatically and performed unawaringly of the person.  A possible alternative to the aforementioned plan, but immediately rejected was the plan to use vision and the surrounding horizon’s angle, but hills and vallleys were inconsistent. (Joke)

NOTE  As I was progressing in meditating and writing on the subject of gravity,  I was becoming more and more impressed with the known facts and observations concerning gravity as they  began to  resemble some attributes of our living God!—the omnipresence;  the quasi infinite central point of connection (center of gravity ); the hitherto unknown mode of conductivity  between the mass bodies and more.

 NOTE  There is no indication that the conducting lines (once established between two mass objects) can be altered or diminished by anything!–repeat, BY ANYTHING!

NOTE   There are two scriptural references, each of which suggest support for the credibility of the proposal: (1) As Jesus walked on the water, indicating His control of gravity;  and (2) As He simply rose from Earth’s surface to return to Heaven, again in control of gravity.1

NOTE  I strongly anticipate receiving  comments from the atheist and the atheist scientist.  I have a simple and brief answer for them:  “Consider the centuries of unsuccessful attempts to come up with a scientific answer and just DO  BETTER!”

Dr.Otto  E. Berg

Astrophysicist,  NASA, retired

Crows impersonate Bigfoot

This photo appeared on my game camera on my birthday in 2011. I had already begun the tradition of giving my Facebook friends Bigfoot sightings on their birthdays years earlier. This is evidence that there is an intelligence in control of the universe, that interacts with humanity. It is of two crows doing their impersonation of Bigfoot. It is the only such photo I have ever seen on my cameras, which I have been using for years before and since.