Evaluating Dinosaur Mythology


A three-toed dinosaur trackway was discovered north of Nashville on the property of a gypsum operation. It was investigated by the University of Arkansas for this article from 2012.

From the article– // The researchers are using a high-resolution scanner perched atop a cherry picker to create a precise digital map of the location of the prints within the landscape. The technology not only allows measurements of the prints themselves within six millimeter accuracy, but it also maps the prints in relation to one another – something that could take months to do using old-fashioned techniques.
“If you are trying to understand where the tracks go and
the relationship between the various tracks, it is better to see everything at once,” Cothren says. “The laser scan will give you the ability to look at the entire site from an aerial perspective, zoom in on the areas that you are interested in and map out features that you may have missed because they are too difficult to see in the monochrome limestone here.”
The scans will be made available to paleontologists and other interested individuals wanting to study the site so they will be able to make a virtual visit to the site without having to travel to the site itself. //

A video from the U of A about the site, based on the current mythology of dinosaur evolution and extinction.


Author: Astrobiology Associates

Senior data analyst at Astrobiology Associates

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