A 4.5 billion-year-old earth has less certainty than Bigfoot

Science depends on repeatable observations, but when the phenomenon cannot even be observed at all, like the development of the earth over supposed billions of years, the phenomenon does not even rise to the level of certainty of the Bigfoot phenomenon, which at least has eyewitness testimony for it. Here we see that the radioactive decay rate is observed to change under certain conditions, showing that radioactive dating cannot be trusted. Science is not adequate to give final knowledge, only tentative knowledge that can be used to interact with reality until more data or better paradigms are found, which will give other ways of interacting that may be found to be better in some respects.

Alma observatory

img_4903Alma Observatory (The Atacama Large Millimeter Array) is an international astronomical facility where the objective is to develop a telescope, nothing like it in the world, consisting of a group of up to 66 radiotelescopic antennas working together, all pointing to the same source to study the universe, from a place 5 thousand meters above sea level, in the hghlands (Llano de Chajnantor) of the Andes Mountain Range, 50 kms. from San Pedro de Atacama in the Second Region of Chile. ALMA is the first truly global astronomical project, a site where scientists from around the world will come to use more sophisticated instruments to capture millimetric wavelength light.

Cold fusion magic

Arthur C. Clarke thought cold fusion was real, with 99% certainty. But the science establishment would not approve of funding research into it, not because it didn’t work, but because the theory behind it was unknown. In other words, they could not confirm it was not magic.

This video is an interesting lesson about the scientific establishment for creationists. Creation, like cold fusion, is opposed, not because there is no evidence for it, but because there is no recognized theory of how it could work by known processes. This is the trick played on modern man: atheism is substituted for science. There can be nothing recognized as unknown by man, or he cannot be his own god.

Cattle mutilations solved?

Just because the majority of apparently mysterious cattle mutilations are done by insects, that does not mean that all are explainable by known processes. Assuming that the problem has been solved involves the same fallacy as observing a number of crows, seeing that all are black, and concluding that “all crows are black.” White ones are also found, if you look at enough of them.
Not all cattle mutilations are easily explained. The mutilation in the video linked below, for instance, cannot be explained by bloating and insects. You will notice that the calf is very fresh when the veterinarian is examining and photographing it. We also have the testimony of the rancher that this happened only a short time after he tagged the calf.

This is what the skeptic’s dictionary says about the subject (editing out the sarcasm and insults)–
“…bloating often leads to skin splitting in straight lines resembling incision and exposing internal organs. …there is little or no blood oozing from the wounds because blood settles, the heart does not pump when an animal is dead, and insects devour the blood that does spill out. (There was an) experiment done by the Washington County (Arkansas) Sheriff’s Department. They placed a dead cow in a field and had observers watch what happened over the next 48 hours. …they reported that bloating led to incision-like tears in the skin and that blowflies and maggots had cleaned out the soft tissue so that the carcass looked exactly like those that had been attributed to aliens or satanic cultists.”
This is the video of the experiment, from a National Geographic special–


Some photographic slides were presented by UFO researchers that were said to be of an alien body recovered from a UFO crash at Roswell, NM. A phrase on the card seen in the photo has been analyzed to say “mummified body of two year old boy.” This is being called “slidegate.”