Cambodian killing fields

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-10-45-58-amAmericans were driven out of Southeast Asia in 1973 by communists–who believed what extraterrestrials told them about there being no final authority–not just by the ones in Southeast Asia but with the help of those in the United States. A horrible and senseless slaughter of the population by the communist government resulted in Cambodia, which was discovered in 1979 when the Vietnamese communists invaded, overcame the Cambodian communists, and occupied the nation. A award-winning movie titled “The Killing Fields” was made about the period in 1984.

A museum about the period exists. Very few were ever brought to justice for the murders. Pol Pot died peacefully at home, and the people who did the killing are still walking the streets of Cambodian cities, unnoticed and unforgiven, like the superincumbent nonhuman entities that caused the horror.

A youtube documentary–

This is the end that Progressives reach at the end of their “progress,” and we can be glad that we at least have been given a brief deliverance from it.  When people begin to assume that human progress has no limits, and they can create their own morality by their consensus, final authority steps in to correct them in horrendous ways like this.



Author: Astrobiology Associates

Senior data analyst at Astrobiology Associates

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