Creating a ghost

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The “Philip Experiment” is an interesting study. The goal was to create a person who never existed, and see if it would interact with the participants in a seance as an entity. It seems to have worked to some extent, creating a “Tulpa.” However, this phenomenon is completely explained by the Bible as opening a door to devils, who interact with the participants, and there is no need for a person who actually lived. Some church groups do the same thing, creating an entity other than God by their agreement, to which they submit themselves as individuals, rather than submitting themselves to God. Great care is needed by church leaders to avoid fellowship with devils.

Mark of the Beast encoded in carbon

img_4765Isn’t it odd that carbon, which is the basis of organic life, has six protons, six neutrons, and six electrons in its neutral state? Did God know something the translators didn’t, and made sure that 666 was the number in the King James for the beast and also for a man?

Did you know that, in the KJV, the first mention of the word “book” is in Genesis 5, which gives the generations of Adam, and it tells us he lived 930 years, and the 930th chapter in the Bible is MATTHEW ONE, which also is the first mention of the word “book” in the New Testament, and gives us the generation of Jesus Christ? Just another coincidence, or a message from Providence to us?

White Bigfoot


The video linked below is a study of a photo of a white entity that is interpreted as a Bigfoot, although that is not the only possible interpretation, if you grant that the universe may not be limited to conventional explanations of reality. The idea that these sightings are caused by an undiscovered species of hominid does not work logically.

Bigfoot chases a cult member


A former victim of a religious cult recalls a close encounter with the Bigfoot phenomenon, when the entity chased him and his capture seemed imminent when it looked in his eyes from above. Not just shadows in the distance here.

Hmm…the video was removed, but is back now.  I find it very interesting that he was a child when it happened, and that there was an authoritarian religious cult associated with it. He later escaped the religious cult like he escaped the scary Bigfoot.

Cambodian killing fields

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-10-45-58-amAmericans were driven out of Southeast Asia in 1973 by communists–who believed what extraterrestrials told them about there being no final authority–not just by the ones in Southeast Asia but with the help of those in the United States. A horrible and senseless slaughter of the population by the communist government resulted in Cambodia, which was discovered in 1979 when the Vietnamese communists invaded, overcame the Cambodian communists, and occupied the nation. A award-winning movie titled “The Killing Fields” was made about the period in 1984.

A museum about the period exists. Very few were ever brought to justice for the murders. Pol Pot died peacefully at home, and the people who did the killing are still walking the streets of Cambodian cities, unnoticed and unforgiven, like the superincumbent nonhuman entities that caused the horror.

A youtube documentary–

This is the end that Progressives reach at the end of their “progress,” and we can be glad that we at least have been given a brief deliverance from it.  When people begin to assume that human progress has no limits, and they can create their own morality by their consensus, final authority steps in to correct them in horrendous ways like this.


A jealous God acts

screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-5-53-39-am160 people were killed in Nigeria when Reigners Bible Church collapsed on December 10 during the “enthronement” of the owner of the church building. The building, which was under construction, is said to have been rushed to completion in order to meet the deadline of December 10. The laws of physics and the Bible seem to have been ignored in order to obey some other malevolent trickster entities which were active here. The now not-enthroned Apostle blames the forces of darkness, and does not see the hand of God in rebuking him for his presumption as He did Annanias and Sapphira. Christ demands to be the head of the church, and rebukes people who take His authority. Great fear should come on the church again as in Acts after this, not pride in rebuilding what God has torn down. It looks like the church was composed of rich leaders misrepresenting Christianity  to a group of poor followers, as a kind of witchcraft that could be used to get better living conditions.
From Reigners Bible Church Facebook page–
“On the said day, while the church, family, associates and well wishers were gathered at the sprawling auditorium of the church, for the Bishopric enthronement of their Prelate, Apostle Dr Akan weeks, the structure caved in and unfortunately, left a trail of casualties.”

Mandela effect hoax

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-9-00-15-amSo CERN has so much power it can go into the past and change the King James Bible? Sorry, there is a simpler answer: People just have poor memories. They have read a different version and confuse it with the KJB.

As I understand what Anthony Patch is saying in this video, the Mandela effect is not changing our memories to trick us into thinking that CERN Is changing reality, but CERN is actually changing reality, and our memories are remembering what is real. He uses the instance of people thinking that the King James Bible used to say not to put old wine into new wineskins, and he says CERN has changed all of the copies of the KJB in the world to say “new bottles.” My conclusion is that Anthony Patch must be a disinformation agent, or is under the control of one, to trick Bible believers into not believing the Bible, and to make fools of themselves by believing something that has no evidence whatever, either from the Bible or from science.