Why can no one find Bigfoot?

Sue telescope

Most of the miracles of Jesus in the Bible involve the casting out of devils. I observe that people dismiss the devils that Jesus casts out, as some kind of psychological phenomenon that primitive people like those of Jesus’ day attributed to personal beings, but were just impersonal forces coming from minds that were out of order.

Yet, I see that people today have no way of dealing with beings like the various manlike creatures that some see, and who interact with them, and even abduct them. The modern scientific mind does not know what to do with them, except dismiss them as creations of a disordered mind. They can dismiss them as long as they happen to someone else, but more and more people are personally experiencing these creatures. Some skeptical minds who experience the beings try to make them fit into the mold of Bigfoot, which they insist is only an unknown species of ape that is really good at hiding.

What happens when man goes into space? These creatures will no doubt go with him, even if they are only creations of the mind. Out there, they will be interpreted as alien spacemen. What messages will they give to the humans that experience them? Will they be the same messages that are given by channelers as coming from alien spacemen here on earth, namely that the Bible is false and the spacemen must be trusted? Will they lure those who follow them to their doom in deep space? How will humans know the difference?

Author: Astrobiology Associates

Senior data analyst at Astrobiology Associates

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