Strange ceremony at CERN

CERN_Shiva-700x432At CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, home of John Calvin during the Reformation, the operator of the Large Hadron Collider that is said to have found the god particle, some people have perfomed a human sacrifice ritual to the statue of the Hindu god Shiva on the campus, whether real or staged. CERN security is investigating. It is not clear why the participants would have done this, although blatant devil worship has been associated with nuclear energy in the past, as in the case of Jack Parsons of Jet Propulsion Laboratory and his addiction to Thelema. The worship of the devil in atheism, which atheists try to present as “science,” has usually been more subtle, just trying to build a tower of Babel to reach heaven and replace God. CERN has been seeking “diversity” among its staff, and now they seem to be upset about getting it.


Author: Astrobiology Associates

Senior data analyst at Astrobiology Associates

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