Astrotheology and the ET myth

Some interesting thoughts about the limits of empirical science.

The myth of intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations is an attempt to account for reality without God. It has nothing to do with science, since there is no unambiguous evidence whatever for such beings; they are simply accepted by faith. The unexplained aerial phenomena, sightings of beings, and channeled “aliens” like Hatonn* have other explanations.

*According to the Ascended Master Teachings of Anne Bellringer of Rapid City, South Dakota, the work of Hatonn feeding information about events on Earth via subspace relay to the supercomputers at the “Galactic Hall of Records” is secondary to Hatonn’s primary task (Hatonn is, she states, a Pleiadean), which is functioning as the liaison officer between Sanat Kumara and the Pleiadeans for the Ashtar Galactic Command flying saucer fleet in order for him to be able to help Earth safely navigate through the approaching photon belt. –Wikipedia



Author: Astrobiology Associates

Senior data analyst at Astrobiology Associates

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