The 99% myth


The idea of 99% similarity of DNA between chimps and humans seems to be a myth predicated on presupposing the similarity and looking for evidence of it.

In this article, the atheists, who confuse atheism with science, say that the methods used by creationists are wrong, but the problem is, how do they know their methods are right? They don’t. They just make assumptions, as all science must do. They are misusing science to give final answers, of which it is not capable, because the conclusion scientific investigation reaches is always tentative. Atheist Steven Novella admits as much– “For background, it is helpful to understand that there is no completely objective way to come up with one number that represents the percent similarity between the DNA of two species.” The atheists assume evolution, and use it as the basis for interpreting the data. This is the logical fallacy of “affirming the consequent.”


Author: Astrobiology Associates

Senior data analyst at Astrobiology Associates

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