Tom Wolfe on the evolution myth


Tom Wolfe’s new book has the evolutionists tied in knots. They insist on their materialist creation myth, and hope to continue to hoodwink the public into thinking it is “science.” Wolfe is a famous author and atheist, but he has grasped that evolution is just a mythology. Can his atheism survive his rejection of the fundamental tenet ot the atheist religion?

Mothers’ Day UFO

Mothers day ufo

This object was seen on Mothers’ Day of 2008 in North Little Rock. This is a highly magnified blowup of the object in a photo that I took. The wind was high, and the “scientific explanation” is that it was a group of balloons that got away from someone. But scientific explanations are not necessarily objectively true; they are just a way of comforting humans by not allowing disturbing unknown phenomena to exist.

UFO from 8-31-2007


I spotted something peculiar flying over Eagle Hill golf course driving range on August 31, 2007. I took some photos of it. This is one.

UFO spotted in LR 8-31-07

This is the only good photo of it other than the first one. They were about 20 seconds apart. The object was fairly small, I suspect no more than six feet long. I reported it to NUFORC. I noticed that there was another report from Little Rock the same day, but they appear to not be related.

I was having a discussion with atheists at the time. I told them about it and showed them the photos. They insisted I must have hoaxed it. This is what made me understand that atheists must have materialist explanations of reality, and cannot be objective.


Strange ceremony at CERN

CERN_Shiva-700x432At CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, home of John Calvin during the Reformation, the operator of the Large Hadron Collider that is said to have found the god particle, some people have perfomed a human sacrifice ritual to the statue of the Hindu god Shiva on the campus, whether real or staged. CERN security is investigating. It is not clear why the participants would have done this, although blatant devil worship has been associated with nuclear energy in the past, as in the case of Jack Parsons of Jet Propulsion Laboratory and his addiction to Thelema. The worship of the devil in atheism, which atheists try to present as “science,” has usually been more subtle, just trying to build a tower of Babel to reach heaven and replace God. CERN has been seeking “diversity” among its staff, and now they seem to be upset about getting it.

Astrotheology and the ET myth

Some interesting thoughts about the limits of empirical science.

The myth of intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations is an attempt to account for reality without God. It has nothing to do with science, since there is no unambiguous evidence whatever for such beings; they are simply accepted by faith. The unexplained aerial phenomena, sightings of beings, and channeled “aliens” like Hatonn* have other explanations.

*According to the Ascended Master Teachings of Anne Bellringer of Rapid City, South Dakota, the work of Hatonn feeding information about events on Earth via subspace relay to the supercomputers at the “Galactic Hall of Records” is secondary to Hatonn’s primary task (Hatonn is, she states, a Pleiadean), which is functioning as the liaison officer between Sanat Kumara and the Pleiadeans for the Ashtar Galactic Command flying saucer fleet in order for him to be able to help Earth safely navigate through the approaching photon belt. –Wikipedia


Dog films Bigfoot

This looks impressive, but it could be a guy in a ghillie suit. There is no info about how and where the photo was taken that can help us make a decision. From the computer guru-ette Kim Komando. She says–“Recently uploaded by YouTube channel Bigfoot Encounters, a dog with a GoPro camera discovered Bigfoot taking a casual stroll in the woods somewhere in Oregon. Did you spot Bigfoot? Or is it a guy in a suit? Could it be a hunter? Is it video trickery? What do you think?”


Upright walking bear

Sometimes mysteries DO have a natural explanation. Bears do sometimes walk upright for considerable distances, going by this example of one that has injured paws, and has learned to walk upright. He took a stroll through a New Jersey neighborhood to celebrate the 70th birthday of Smokey Bear a couple of years ago. This could account for some Bigfoot and Dogman sightings. Still, I don’t think those who make science into a god that can answer all questions can take much comfort in it.

When scientific explanations don’t work


The giant wall of Gornaya Shoria. It is disturbing to many that this wall gives the impression of being constructed by intelligent beings in the distant past. That simply cannot have happened. They must have a natural explanation so that they can sleep at night without being disturbed by the unknown.