Carbon-14 in dinosaur bones

Dinosaurs-Carbon-Dating-C14-Dinosaurs-Age-of-Earth-Coal-DiamondsThis is a summary of the presentation to the American Geophysical Union on C-14 in dinosaur bones. C-14 is said to degrade into non-radioactive carbon in 85,000 years or so, implying that the dinosaur bones are lower in age. The presentation was not included in the proceedings, or the video record. “pmC” is percent modern carbon.


1) 10 different dinosaur bones from upper Jurassic to upper Cretaceous have shown measurable C14 signals.
2) Similar pmC (9.8% to 6.5%) for different fossils, bone materials, bone regions and stratigraphic positions.
3) When examples are taken from the same bone region:
a. Concordant pmC for hematite and collagen
b. Concordant pmC for hematite and total organics
c. Concordant pmC for organics and extracted humic acid
d. Concordant pmC for collagen and total organics
e. Concordant pmC for small sample size and large sample size
4) Apatites from all samples have concordant pmC between -3 and -10 with one exception
5) Collagen, organics and charred bone exterior from all samples have concordant pmC between -17 and -28
6) Megafauna have similar pmC as dinosaur, plant fossils have less pmC

Conclusions and suggestion for further work

~C-14 in dinosaur bones detected which is likely endogenous.
~Results confirm recently reported observation of soft tissue, blood cells, and sequenceable proteins in dinosaur bones and writeable ink in a fossil squid.
~Concordant pmC of dinosaurs and megafauna found.
~Results can be explained by rapid horizontal strata formation as observed in laboratory experiments with moving water.
~Further analysis of more dinosaur bones is recommended to confirm the finding of proteins and C-14. Samples from museums and field collections would be suitable.

The blue underlined text at the first is a link to the presentation. It is hard to understand and harder to read. It appears to have been made by a person in the audience on a smartphone, and that is the only reason we have it. The AGU did not want their name associated with something that might bring the pseudoscientific evolutionary dogma into question, we can be sure.


Author: Astrobiology Associates

Senior data analyst at Astrobiology Associates

One thought on “Carbon-14 in dinosaur bones”

  1. Here atheists realize that their control of the scientific establishment is at stake, if there is soft tissue in dinosaur bones. I think the idea that this proves the Bible is misguided, though. The Bible has to be the source of truth, not science.


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